Join my new, free, online speaking group!..

If this doesn't apply to you or you are not interested then feel free to ignore it. One of the main issues my students face is the lack of speaking practice as most of you don't live in an English environment. As you know, I have recommended to some of you, the italki community page [...]

New OET Letter Correction Videos

Hello again, it's been a while since I made a post but as you know I am very busy with students nowadays and have little time for writing blog posts. In fact, I barely have time for making videos either but I have managed to make a few more letter corrections since my last post. [...]

Real Student IELTS Essay Review and Scoring.

In this video, I reviewed and scored a student essay sent to me in my Telegram group, IELTS9PRO, (link below). As you will see, I went through it and made comments and corrections then scored it according to the official writing criteria. So, if you want to see just what the examiners do when they [...]