Take lessons with me…online!

Hi, I have been getting requests from students asking if I give lessons for OET writing and speaking, IELTS, PTE, etc, well, the answer is yes!…so if you want personal coaching in the run up to your exam, you can book a session online and we can start anytime. I am working on italki, the number one online teaching platform, which is a great site for connecting teachers and students. One of the things I like about it is that it is totally safe and secure for learners. They act as a middleman between teacher and student, and if you have a problem with the lesson or the teacher, they will resolve it for you..no problem.

italki profile

You can see from the picture above how it looks when you go to my profile, the link is here…you can check availability, message me, and book a lesson. So check it out..

I have a range of services and packages available, see my profile for details, and I can make special arrangements if you want a special package of hours or lessons, or if you want to create a small study group for speaking practice, for example. I can also offer proofing and correction services for your writing..

To see some of my OET letter and IELTS essay corrections on video, go to my YouTube channel at the link below..