How to write a TOEFL Integrated Essay…

Ok, so after the last post regarding the five different independent essay types, it's time to look at the integrated essay. This is the one where you read a passage, then listen to a recording and combine the two sets of information into an essay. To be more specific, you have to read around 300 [...]

Whats the difference between IELTS and TOEFL essays?

Following on from yesterday, I wanted to answer a question I get answered often, what's the difference between an IELTS essay and a TOEFL independent essay? The answer is not so much, aside from the obvious, IELTS is hand-written, TOEFL is typed, IELTS you have 40 mins, TOEFL you have 30 mins, IELTS is 250+ [...]

Five types of TOEFL Independent Essay..

Now I know this site is called IELTS9PRO, however, as I wrote in my about me page, I coach many different exams as well as IELTS, one of which is TOEFL. So, this post is in response to a student question in my Telegram channel (IELTS Exam Preparation) which you can join if you have [...]

How to write a college/uni application letter…

I know this isn't directly related to IELTS but I was helping a student out this week with an application letter, so I thought I might as well make a video about it and share it... In this post and video I am going to offer some advice about writing that all important college/university application/personal [...]