Join my new, free, online speaking group!..

If this doesn’t apply to you or you are not interested then feel free to ignore it.

One of the main issues my students face is the lack of speaking practice as most of you don’t live in an English environment. As you know, I have recommended to some of you, the italki community page and free4talk, which some of you have tried.

However, I know that sometimes it is not easy to find committed speaking partners, so I thought that it might be useful to put you in touch with one another and you can find speaking practice together. The obvious advantage to this is that you are all known to me, no strangers or strange people, and most of you are at a similar level and are taking exams and you know my approach and methods for those. That is to say, for the moment, it will be invitation only from my many students.

This is an experiment and may well lead to me creating a new website for this in the future but for now, I have created a speaking group on Easyclass ( which you can join with this access code A4C4-N6OV . Once there, you can create a profile, list your interests, whatever, then write to one another and hopefully make some real contact with real communication. It will be very much up to you. I may hold live sessions with those who can join depending on time zones but for the most part it will be up to you to make the first move. I hope this will be useful/

Any qs, let me know ( or ask in the group.