What’s the difference between a Band 6.0 and Band 9.0 IELTS Essay?

You want to know what a band 6.0 and a band 9.0 essay looks like and what the difference is between them?..Then watch here!. I break down a real student essay and compare it with a band 9.0 sample of my own for the same topic so you can see how they would be scored by the examiners. You will notice the IELTS9PRO title on the video, this is because I have sites all over the world and this particular video is made for the Iranian market..hence the name, you can find me on Aparat also under IELTS9PRO if you want the Persian web version. Anyway, the topic of the essay is as follows.. Many people complain about commercial advertisements and their influence on children. Should it be controlled by the government? What are the possible effects on children?

Sample essay below….