Need help with your English?..Have an online lesson with me!..

Due to circumstances I am sure I don’t have to elaborate on, many people find themselves stuck at home without access to their English courses or classes. Maybe you went to an institute or a school, or had some company courses at your office but now those have been cancelled.

It’s the same for me, most of my live classes are cancelled for the foreseeable future so I am now moving all my sessions online. With this in mind, if you want to have lessons with me then now is the time. I offer 60 and 30 minute sessions for 15 euros and 10 Euros respectively. The lessons will be held on either Skype or Zoom and can be recorded if you wish.

I can help with writing for exams, OET, IELTS, etc, or just conversation, grammar, or anything else you may need. Fees are payable via PayPal or bank transfer and we can schedule a session anytime. I am available from 8AM – 6PM CET, GMT+1, Mon – Fri.

If you want to know more then you can write to me at anytime and we can schedule a session…