Speaking Example using Idea Mapping Strategy

Copy of Discuss both views Student request video

In this audio, you will hear me demonstrate the idea mapping method I outlined a couple of weeks ago. The topic card is

Describe a website you often browse.

You should say:

  • what is it

  • how long have you been using it

  • give details information about the website

and explain why you often browse this website.

The idea mapping structure is


I’d like to talk about (X)…..the reason I chose this topic is because….



  1. used to + infinitive
  2. would + infinitive
  3. simple past
  4. past continuous
  5. past perfect


So, let me tell you more about …in detail,,,well…


So, if you ask me/in my view/I would say….(opinion)


So, regarding the future…If (conditional sentence) + future form (I will)….

The transcript is

Okay, I’d like to talk about a website. I often use, or browse I should say. It’s the guardian, the guardian.com. It’s the online version of the uh, the popular British daily newspaper the guardian. the reason why um, I want to talk about this and why I’ve chosen this is because I read the guardian every day, the quality of the writing is excellent and I like to keep up to date with the news as much as possible.

So, um, I don’t remember when I first started using this website to be honest. Um, I used to buy the guardian in the print form, this was was uh a few years back, of course, um only have 30 years back. I used to buy it and um, it was very bulky especially if you bought the Saturday or Sunday edition. It was a mountain of paper, um in recent years I’ve been using the Internet, of course when I can, so I just read the guardian. So it’s dunno over 10 15 years, maybe more. I’m not sure.

Uh, so let me give you a bit of detail about the site. So anyway, it’s the online version of the newspaper. So it’s got UK events and stories as well as an international section. You know it, in common with most uh newspapers these days. So, um websites relatively easy to read access. I say it’s got lots of stories about the UK and International. Affairs, um, the main reason why I browsed this that and uh, I think it’s an excellent site.

I don’t always agree with the editorial, um content or ideas, It is a liberal newspaper in many ways. But uh, as I said, I think it’s good. I think the quality of the writing is is excellent. It’s not a tabloid, its obviously well-educated people, the quality of the writing is good and it’s got lots of information. It’s one of the first sites. I read every morning when I wake up.

And um, I’m sure that I but I will continue to use this site in the future. In fact, I, as I say I read this first thing in the morning every single day, um, if you’re interested in news and current affairs, I recommend it highly.

And the audio is

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