How to write a PTE essay…

how to wriote a pte essay

So, to continue our week of PTE posts, today I am going to show you how to write an essay using my recommended method and structure. For those of you who have followed my blog and read my posts before, you will notice this is very similar to the method and structure I recommend for writing IELTS essays. This is because an essay is an essay, to be blunt, the only difference lies in the word count and time limits, and the fact that IELTS has five types of essays, whereas PTE has only one.

Method..20 mins writing

Think..for 1 minute, you need to make a plan, if you don’t your essay will be rubbish, I guarantee. you need to choose a side and think of two reasons to support it. This doesn’t have to be your real opinion, just what can think of ideas for.

Write..18 mins, see structure below

Check..1 min, go over your spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc



  1. paraphrase topic
  2. give opinion
  3. outline your two reasons in brief

Body 1

  1. topic sentence (introduce main idea)
  2. explain/expand on main idea
  3. give example for main idea
  4. summary/reinforce example/main idea

Body 2

  • topic sentence (introduce main idea)
  • explain/expand on main idea
  • give example for main idea
  • summary/reinforce example/main idea


  1. restate topic
  2. restate opinion
  3. restate main ideas


Some people think that drivers should pay for building and maintaining roads. While others think that the government should for pay the costs of infrastructure.

What is your opinion?

According to some, the cost of road building and maintenance should be borne by drivers, while others believe that infrastructure costs should be met by the state.  In my view, the government is responsible for this upkeep.  This essay will argue that drivers already pay enough for the privilege of driving, and that capital projects such as roads are the business of government.

To drive a car these days is an expensive business. If we consider fuel cost, insurance, MOT tests, and general maintenance it can seen that motorists already pay a significant price to drive a car.  For example, it is estimated the average cost of running a car in the UK is 168,00 GBP over a lifetime. In my view it is therefore unfair to ask them to pay any more to finance roads.

There is however, a strong argument for the state to develop traffic infrastructure. The government takes enough from citizens in taxation, and this money should be spent on the needs of the country, which includes a high quality motorway and by-road network. For example, the UK Dept of Pensions estimates the average taxpayer pays 20% in income tax plus an additional 5,000 GBP and above in indirect taxation per year. Calculate this by the number of total tax payers in the UK, and this figure runs into the billions.

In conclusion, considering the differing views on who should pay for roads and their upkeep, I believe the government should always be held responsible for this expense. Considering the amount drivers already pay for the right to drive, and the high levels of tax the individual citizen contributes to the state, it would be unfair to ask them to pay more.

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