Student Essay Assessment..with corrections and example

IELTS Essay Assessment

Hello, time for another tutorial. In this one, I had a request from a student who has seen my YouTube channel and sent me an essay for assessment. What I do here is to go through the essay line by line, make corrections, and then show how I would approach the same question using the structure and technique you may have seen in my earlier videos.

You can find the texts below, of the essay with corrections, then my essay. You can find the video at the bottom of the page. Any questions, or requests for videos, feel free to write to at


Several universities now have their courses available online as an alternative option to campus based classroom tuition. I believe this is a positive step as online tuition should be cheaper and therefore available to more people, and also that remote learning will have a similar broadening of access.

Firstly, the main advantage of online learning is that of cost. Many online courses are considerably cheaper than attending a bricks and mortar institution as they are virtual and do not require a building, staff, etc. For example, as a teacher I know that many would be teachers take online TEFL courses as they are a fraction of the cost of attending a language school. This means that more people can access this kind of course than previously.

Also, being able to access a lesson online means it can be available anywhere. This means that many people living in remote parts of the world, especially the less developed areas, can have quality educational content at their fingertips. For example, the University of Bath conducted research in 2016 which showed that over 80% of online students were from Africa, and South East Asia. The implications of this study shows that distance is not a barrier to education for the people in developing nations.

In conclusion, the increase in universities offering online courses is I believe a significant advantage as cheaper tuition and ability to access remotely is of obvious benefit for less well off people, and students in far flung places of the world.

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