“Two part question” sample essay..shopping in local shops or supermarket?

IELTS sample essay two part question supermarkets or local shops

My final post for today, as I have posted to what extent, both views, and advs and disadvs, the final post is a two part question. These are virtually identical to the problem/causes + solutions question where you briefly answer both questions in the outline sentence. Apart from the structure, the question itself is pretty straight forward, it asks why something happened, and if it is positive or negative. You will find a structure below and the essay beneath that…if you have any questions about anything here or in the previous posts, then feel free to write to kevin@prepareielts.com…

Two Part Question Essay Structure


Sentence 1: paraphrase/restate question

Sentence 2: outline sentence (main idea 1 + 2)/ briefly answer both questions

Paragraph 2

Sentence 1: answer first question/main idea 1

Sentence 2: explain/expand on first sentence

Sentence 3: develop sentence 1 + 2 further

Sentence 4: give (specific) example

Paragraph 3

Sentence 1: answer second question/main idea 1

Sentence 2: explain/expand on first sentence

Sentence 3: develop sentence 1 + 2 further

Sentence 4: give (specific) example


Sentence 1: summary of main points (main ideas 1 + 2)

People prefer to go shopping in the supermarket rather than small shops or local markets. Why has this happened? Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

An increasing number of shoppers are doing their shopping in supermarkets instead of small local shops. It can be argued that the main reason for this is the cheaper price of the goods for sale. In my opinion this is a positive step which will benefit less well off people and allow them to eat good food cheaply.

Firstly, many more people shop at large supermarkets due to the price difference as opposed to local shops. Supermarkets have more spending power and can pass on any savings in price to their customers. Especially for food, supermarket chains can buy in bulk from farmers for a considerably lower price. For example, the UK retail chain Tesco only pays farmers 10 pence per litre for milk and can make a fair profit margin on reselling whereas local shops cannot pay this price and would charge customers more.

Secondly, I believe that for some customers this lower price policy is extremely beneficial. Poor people cannot afford good quality food at high street prices so being able to do their shopping for less is a major benefit for them. Eating well is a pre-requisite for good health so this can only have good consequences for less well off people. For example, research from the university of York suggests that people who buy from big markets as opposed to local shops can save up to 40% on their weekly shop.

In conclusion, the increasing number of shoppers at supermarkets are doing so due to the price difference when compared to local shops which can only be a positive development for those people who are on low incomes.