Discuss both views: sample essay (5) financial aid to developing countries..

Discuss both views- sample essay (5)

One more sample essay for today, another discuss both views question. For this answer, I wrote a quick response for a student who wanted some guidance as to why he only got 6.0 for his writing. I won’t post his essay here but the problem was in not being specific and not really addressing the question, so mainly structural problems. Anyway, this is just to refresh your memory about the structure of the both views and opinion essay. you will find the structure below (again) and the example beneath that. This was a tricky question to answer, took me a while to think of some ideas, feel free to steal them for your future reference, no worries.

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The structure…

Discuss both views and give your opinion essay structure


Sentence 1: paraphrase question and /or state both views.

Sentence 2: thesis statement

Sentence 2: outline sentence

Main body paragraph 1

Sentence 1: state first viewpoint

Sentence 2: discuss/explain first viewpoint

Sentence 3: example to support your viewpoint

Sentence 4: conclusion/ extend example

Main body paragraph 2

Sentence 1: state second viewpoint

Sentence 2: discuss/explain second viewpoint

Sentence 3: example to support your viewpoint

Sentence 4: conclusion/extend example


Sentence 1: summarise/restate main ideas

Sentence 2: express opinion

More developing countries are given aid from international organisation to help them in their development plans. Some people argue that financial aid is important but other suggest that practical aids and advice are more important ? Discuss both views and give your opinion 

It has been argued that giving aid to developing countries is the best way to help them develop, whereas others would argue that although financial assistance is important, practical aid and advice is more important. In my view, international organisations donating money is the best way to ensure a countries development goals are met. This essay will consider the lack of finance which many less-developed countries have, and the arrogance of suggesting that foreign advice is more valuable than that the home country can provide.

Firstly, as many developing countries are by definition less well off than their “Western” counterparts, it is often a lack of available finance or credit that stops many nations building their way out of poverty. That is to say, many infrastructure projects that would help develop a nation such as schools, railways, etc, all need more money than a developing country might have available. I would agree that international money, providing there are no strings attached to it, could be a big help in this regard. For example, a recent survey in 2015 by the UN suggested that a shortage of funds was the reason behind the abandonment of over 50% of “development” projects in South East Asia.

However, it has also been argued that finance alone will not help and that aid and advice from outside sources are more important. This seems to suggest that less developed countries are somehow “inferior” or lacking in talent and/or practical knowledge in reaching development goals. To my mind this view is incorrect and stereotypical and which seems to believe in the superiority of “Western” knowledge over the “inferiority” of the East/Global South. That this is a fallacy is shown by a recent study by the UN which pointed out the high number of graduates (over 80%) in UK universities Masters courses in Engineering who were from non “Western” countries.

In conclusion, although some would argue that foreign advice is more important than foreign financial aid, I believe that the opposite is true. The “West” is not the only source of knowledge in practical matters and it is often a shortage of money rather than skills that causes less wealth off nations to fall behind in terms of development.