IELTS sample essay: job satisfaction…

Another sample essay for you, this time looking at the two part question type. You can see my previous posts on this and see the structure…

So I don’t have to explain it any further. What I will say is this was a difficult essay to write, I came up against the same problem my students tell me about all the time. That is, having no idea what to say. The question here is asking about job satisfaction which is quite an abstract topic, however, you will see that I managed to make some reasonable examples to back up my general ideas. It is not so long, only 284 words but I was struggling to write anymore, and 284 words will do just fine in any case.

Anyway, with no further ado, here it is…

As most people spend a major part of their adult life at work, job satisfaction is an important element of individual well being.

What factors contribute to job satisfaction?

How realistic is the expectation of job satisfaction for all workers?

For many adults spending a significant part of their lives working, being satisfied in the work they do is particularly important for their well-being. This essay will argue that having a reasonable amount of disposable income and sufficient free time to enjoy it are major factors in job satisfaction. Also, that for many workers this expectation is not always able to be met.

Having sufficient money to pay for the things we want and the leisure time to make the most of it are defining facts in having a good job. After all our bills are paid it is reasonable to want to enjoy our lives and have holidays, buy nice things, save for our future, etc. For example, a 2016 survey by the Dept of Employment in the UK showed that 80% of interviewees said salary and holiday entitlement were the main reasons for taking the job they did.

However, while it might be the aim for every worker to enjoy such things, for many sectors of the workforce this is not the case. It has to be noted that in today’s economy many jobs are part-time, and/or on Zero hours contracts. For those people working in such sectors as retail, hospitality, and other service industries, the ideal of job satisfaction is an ideal not a reality. For example, the Labour Research Unit in the UK showed that in 2016 50% of newly created jobs in those areas paid either minimum wages or less.

In conclusion, although job satisfaction may be important, the aim of having disposable income and good holidays are only available to some sections of the workforce and that unfortunately for many employees is certainly unrealistic for them to expect.

284 words