Introduction to criteria and structure for advs and disadvs essay.

Hello again, time for another post. In this video and post I want to talk about the basic ideas behind an IELTS essay. I received a student essay and it was obvious that they needed some guidance as to the criteria, what the examiners wanted in other words, and some hints and tips on technique and the writing process.

If you watch the video you will see my suggestions and recommendations. So, I will post the files here with no further comment

This is the question…

In the past when students did a university degree they tended to study in their own country. Nowadays, they have more opportunity to study abroad.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this development?

And the examples essays below…

In the olden days peoples aspirations were only limited because there was not much advancement in technology and development, there were more of communal life, so people tended to study locally so as to be close to family and friends, but as the days went by people’s ambition changed and development took over,  Due to advancement in technology some courses are not really available for some students in their country of origin, so they tend to travel to study

There are many good sides of studying in another country like, learning of new language, my sister traveled to Germany to study, so she had to learn the German language so as to study there, another is you get to meet people from different nationalities and get to socialize, in addition you will have a taste of different cuisines, 

There are also some downsides for example, going away from family and friends, it is also capital intensive because a lot was spent on my sister’s travel

Conclusion :it’s a worthwhile venture studying abroad cos it’s more positive side than on the negative

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Previously when students went to university it was in their home country, however in today’s world there are more opportunities to take degree courses abroad. This essay will argue the main advantage of this is learning about a new language and culture, while the main disadvantage is the potential for culture shock.

One of the benefits of studying in another country is the exposure the student will get to a different language and culture. Also, the student will meet new people with different views and lifestyles which may be completely alien to what they are used to. For example, a recent survey by the University of Ghent showed that 85% of its non Belgian students said they considered themselves to be more “open-minded” as a result of their studies and the time spent away from home. This research suggests that travel and living in an unfamiliar environment does change peoples attitudes and values in a positive way regarding foreign cultures and lifestyles.

However, the potential downside to this is the possibility of culture shock. That is when living in a new and “foreign” environment causes negative feelings such as anxiety and depression to appear. For example, the National Union of Students in the UK reported in 2016 that over 60% of international students in UK universities had suffered from some form of depression during their studies. This is apparently not uncommon among students studying abroad and can sometimes have serious mental consequences for a minority of people.

In conclusion, as study opportunities around the world have expanded in recent years there are both positive and negative sides to this phenomenon. The main advantage is the chance to learn and experience different cultures and as a result become more open-minded, while one of the possible disadvantages is the loneliness and depression caused by negative culture shock.

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