Advantages and disadvantages: unisex schools (essay example).

In this post I want to make use of a real student essay and show you how to write an Adv vs Disadvs essay, taking the topic of single sex schools. This is a pretty common topic in the theme of education, it will say something like “Some people think that boys and girls should be educated separately” then it could be Agree or disagree, or Discuss both views, or as in this case Advantages vs Disadvantages.

First of all, let’s remind ourselves of the structure to use here.

As you know from an earlier post, there are three possibilities for such a question but in this example it is relatively straight forward, just asking what the advs and disadvs are. So the structure is

Advantages and disadvantages Essay Structure


Sentence 1: paraphrase question

Sentence 2: outline main ideas (give opinion, depending upon wording of question).

Main body paragraph 1

Sentence 1: state one advantages

Sentence 2: expand upon/explain advantages

Sentence 3: example (the more specific the better)

Sentence 4: result

Main body paragraph 2

Sentence 1: state one disadvantages

Sentence 2: expand upon/explain disadvantages

Sentence 3: example (the more specific the better)

Sentence 4: result


Sentence 1: summary of main ideas (and opinion, if required)

The student essay below is not bad, the main negative is that it is too short at only 238 words which would cost points for Task Achievement, but the structure sticks pretty close to what is required. Also, there is some repetition of keywords and vocabulary “unisexual” Same sex”, as you will see. So, here is the question..I am not sure how far it is a real IELTS question as it is a little general, but there you go..

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of unisex schools.

Example essay 1

Some people believe that boys and girls should study in separate schools for cultural or religious reasons. This essay will first look at the merits of unisex schools education such as increasing discipline and then discuss drawbacks such as a low level of social skills.

The main advantage of single-sex schools is the higher level of discipline than mixed-sex schools show. The reason behind it is that young people who do not have any romantic relationships in the school and therefore they have no reasons for conflicts between each other. For example, the “Good Teacher” magazine published an article which shows that pupils in the same sex schools break school’s rules three times less seldom than pupils in the ordinary schools.

However, single-sex schools have a wide range of disadvantages and the most significant of them is that same sex schools cannot give to teenagers a diversity of social skills particularly the skill of communication with people of another gender. As a result young people from separate schools will not be prepared for real life. For instance, a recent survey by London University in 2016 showed that 80 percent of young people from single-sex school have problems in communication in the college or in their first workplace.

To sum up, while there are plus points to having unisexual schools, such as greater discipline, however too much would be lost as a result for example poor communication skills. It is recommended that Parents should carefully choose schools for their children to ensure rich opportunities for their future life.

238 words

Example 2

It has been argued that pupils benefit more from single sex schools rather than mixed sex schools. This essay will argue the main advantage of single gender schooling is an increase in discipline and hence higher grades, and the main disadvantage which is pupils having low social skills in regard to the opposite sex.

According to some, the main advantage of single sex schools is that of discipline. The argument goes that in a mixed sex environment the pupils natural instincts and hormones come into play and romantic relationships are a consequence. Therefore without such a distraction, higher levels of discipline will result. For example, a recent survey by “Good Teacher” magazine in 2015 revealed that in same sex schools the number of pupils involved in disciplinary incidents was half that of mixed schools. The implication is then that a school environment without opposite sex distractions provides better discipline.

However, it has also been argued that having single sex schools leads to pupils missing out on vital social skills such as how to interact with the opposite sex. As a result both sexes may struggle in future relationships as they have no or limited interaction with their counterparts. For example, a recent survey by London University in 2016 (of young undergraduates coming to university from same sex schools) reported that over 80% of young people interviewed had anxiety issues when dealing with the opposite sex. If this research is replicated over time then the consequences could well be disastrous for young people embarking on their first serious relationships.

In conclusion, although separate schooling may seem a good way to improve levels of discipline, the unfortunate side effects of turning out a generation of young people with inadequate social skills may well pose problems for the future. Parents would be wise to consider this when choosing a school for their children.

310 words

So as you see, the main difference between the two is the word length, the second is longer and develops the ideas a little more. And also, the second shows a greater variety of vocabulary than the first, so would score higher there.

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