How to write a Causes and Solutions IELTS essay….(real student example).

In my post for today, I want to show you one way to write a Cause/solution essay. To illustrate this I take a student essay I responded to on IELTS Advantage FB group, and go through it in terms of structure and organisation. I specifically avoid critiquing grammar and vocabulary, as that is something which would take a lot longer, and which I have no time for here.

I embed the video below, and underneath that, I include all the files you see in the video. As always, any questions, or if you have an essay you would like me to comment on, then you can write to me at

Essay Structure…

Problems/causes and Solutions Essay Structure


Sentence 1: paraphrase question.

Sentence 2: outline sentence (what you will say in essay/main idea 1 + 2)

Paragraph 2: Problem

Sentence 1: state problem/s/causes

Sentence 2: explain what problem/cause is (explain/expand)

Sentence 3: What is the result or consequence of this problem

Sentence 4: example

Paragraph 3: solution

Sentence 1: state solution/s

Sentence 2: explain/expand upon how solution will solve problem

Sentence 3: examples


Sentence 1: summary of main points/main ideas 1+2

Sentence 2: prediction or recommendation

Student Essay…

It is generally accepted that families are not as close as they used to be

Give some reasons why this change has happened and suggest how families could be brought closer to gather.

Include any relevant examples from your experience.

Family bonds are sacred , it is the most notable unconditional love that any one could have. Nowadays, relatives are not as close as before.The busy developed life that we are having these days has influenced our social and personal life in all matters.The warm feelings and the joy comes from family gatherings had been totally missed .

In this essay i will try to address the causes of this problem and i am going to offer some solutions.

Firstly one of the main reasons for this problem is the way the world evolved in the recent years . For example, globalization and centralization helped a lot of people who seek better employment opportunities to travel across the world to the big cities where all the good jobs are centered leaving their families behind .Also, different companies try to save their money since they are not obligated to open several headquarters in different cities.The most effective solutions in my opinion is that the governments try to decentralize and reallocate it’s activities efficiently across the whole country.That helps people who cares about family relations to maintain it easily. Furthermore, that could be beneficial not only for people’s social life but also it helps to decrease population in the big cities which leads to a better quality of life them.

Another major cause is the tremendous technological evolution. More children get alienated everyday using the internet and the video games in their free time. Even adults find these activities more amusing than spending time with their families. For instance , you can find most of family members checking their phone most of the day without even saying much of words to each other. The gap has been widened between family members every day since there is no family talks and conversations like old days . Thus , Fathers and Mothers should care about these activities inside home in the family quality times .They must make rules to minimize the use of mobile phones ,Television and the Internet. These rules should include them too to maintain the closeness and the bonds inside the family.

In conclusion , our social life wouldn’t be complete and healthy without connecting to our roots. Families should get closer than before because it’s the most important thing in life. Family members are the ones who guaranteed to watch your back always and help you to get through the hard times in your life.Importantly governments should begin decentralization programs.Moreover Families should be aware of the consequences and the harm technology. It affects the interactions between family members and weaken connections between them.

Comparison Essay…

It is generally accepted that families are not as close as they used to be

Give some reasons why this change has happened and suggest how families could be brought closer to gather.

Include any relevant examples from your experience.

It could be argued that these days many families are more distant from one another than in the past. I believe that in many countries the economic crisis and the need to find employment around the world is the principle reason for this change and will suggest making use of the internet to connect family members as a possible solution.

Due to economic difficulties, many young people around the world are having to move to big cities, often in other countries to find employment. Obviously this means that family members will be separated for long periods of time. For example, a recent survey by the Spanish government found that over 350, 000 young Spaniards had left Spain to other EU countries in the last five years due to the economic crisis there. As a consequence of this, there is a fear that Spain will have a lost generation as so many families are split up.

In order to tackle this problem, I suggest that making use of the many opportunities the internet offers for communication could be a possible solution. As many households have internet and access to computers these days, it should not be too difficult for absent relatives to keep in touch via software, such as Skype for example. That many families are making use of this now is illustrated by research by the University of Madrid which suggests that the number of older Spaniards taking computer courses in Spain has doubled in recent years. The main reason for this is so mothers, fathers, grandparents, etc, can be computer literate in order to keep in touch with their sons and daughters, grandchildren, etc.

In conclusion, although many families are split up due to the economic crisis, making use of online communication tools is a possible solution to this problem. I recommend that those who are abroad make time to call their families regularly, and that those at home take some lessons to be able to make good use of internet apps such as Skype.